New website up

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I reckon it has been some 3 years since my last post. Time flies. People got older, some got wiser. I lost my mom, departed from the act of making pictures intentionally and got lost in the drudgery of work. It is hard summarizing with words what had transpired since. Meantime, new website up. May motivate me to get some things together. Till then, I will see you all on the other side.



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We all need some.

Its good to do personal work

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Every so-often, when the daily grind catches up with you, you realize that by the end of the day, when you close the door behind you, you’re exhausted and altogether spent. But if, and when you have a reason to pick up the camera, or carry it with you wherever you go, be it a toy camera, pin-hole camera or a pro-body DSLR… the excitement of actually having the possibility to create something, even if it is an interpretation of the day-in and day-out mundane, menial life that you lead, leads to something else altogether. Its a no brainer. Its good to indulge in personal work. Go with the flow, work those brain juices and think of something. Yes, the above is me actually thinking aloud.

Think about different ways to articulate yourself. Photography is merely one of a gazillion methods to work those brain juices.


As Marshall McLuhan says “The medium is the message”.

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING - A security guard mans a metal detector in central Bangkok. (THAILAND)

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING - A close circuit security camera hangs from the ceiling as commuters pass underneath in downtown Singapore (SINGAPORE)

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING - A close circuit security camera hangs high above an exterior entrance of a shopping mall in Singapore (SINGAPORE)

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING - Close circuit security cameras point in different directions in the central business district of Singapore (SINGAPORE)